Giulianova offers its tourists a golden beach and a clear sea in which to relax, a promenade that smells of maritime pine and oleander, the scents of the sea on the tables of restaurants and taverns where you can taste the typical recipes of Giulia. Most of the accommodation facilities, skilfully equipped, are surrounded by pine trees and Mediterranean vegetation, along a strip of about two kilometres. The bathing establishments are detached from the urban context thus enjoying safety and tranquillity.

The flat shoreline and the shallow waters of the sea are the best parents can look for for the safety of their children. So forget the frenetic and stressful rhythms of the city, Giulianova will be able to welcome you in an environment where relaxation and cordiality are at home! The city of Giulianova has about 21,500 inhabitants and is one of the most important in the Province of Teramo.

It is made up of two distinct realities: Giulianova Alta, the ancient town rich in history which preserves splendid monuments from different eras and offers, from its belvedere, a spectacular view of the sea; the modern Giulianova Lido, a well-equipped seaside resort among the most popular in Abruzzo, with a beach of fine golden sand, a very efficient fishing port and a modern tourist port.


The coast, 4.8 km long from the mouth of the Salinello in the north to the mouth of the Tordino in the south, is adorned with palm trees and flowerbeds with areas reserved for children,

and a stretch of the same is reserved for the Port, modernly equipped for fishing and pleasure boating, but also a destination for pleasant walks.

Giulianova is connected with Croatia by means of a catamaran.

On the south seafront, recently built, there is an amphitheater in which events and shows are organized.

In this regard, the Culture and Tourism Manifestations Service of the Municipality of Giulianova prepares a rich calendar of events every year for the Giulia Eventi Estate review, with opera, prose, cabaret, classical and jazz music, ballet and antiques exhibitions, which, from June to September, enliven the afternoons and evenings of tourists who value the city of Giulianova with their visit.

An evening shuttle bus service along the entire coast helps tourists to easily reach the upper part of the city, the historic centre.